Marjolein Dallinga

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 19.58.40

By Marjolein Dallinga, Untitled, 2012

The main techniques that I used in this sample were felting and layering. This piece by Marjolein Dallinga is a contemporary way to use and sculpt felt. It interested me because of the vibrant colours and interesting form. It reminded of the natural growths (like moss, etc) that I am interested in for this project and therefore is something that I have been inspired by.

When creating a sample influenced by Dallinga, I wanted to capture the layering and raised surface that I can link to my primary images. The first primary image in particular has the same form as this piece, it is domed, giving me much inspiration for where a dome shape could be used on the body in a costume for a character. As I could not include a 3 dimensional piece in my book, I have attempted to recreate it by layering the felt, rather than a raised dome.

DSC_0337 DSC_1195

To link my primary images to this piece, I created a gradient felt; the tip is bright pink (like the first primary image), which then fades to purple (taken from the second images), and then a calmer grey, inspired by Dallinga’s piece. I then cut the felt into teardrop shapes, stitching the larger ones together, replicating the petals on my primary images. I layered the rest of the teardrops, experimenting with surfaces.


Although the petal motif isn’t something that I will carry on, the colours that I have used are very appealing and would be perfect on feminine characters like the elves or sprites. Also, the layering gives a sublet, but effective raised surface, that I could experiment with further.

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